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Hello, I’m a self-taught artist painting out of my home studio in Brunswick, Maine.  I’m blessed with the ability to paint full-time, calling it the “Doing what I love the second half of life phase!” 


My favorite medium is acrylic and you’ll find my work spontaneous and varied.  I find joy in creating scenes that inspire me at the moment on any given day.  Occasionally a subject will hold my attention long enough for a series, but I enjoy the random things that capture my eye. I don’t always paint what is popular, but rather I paint what makes me happy.  


If I'm not working on a daily painting, then I'm working on a larger painting or learning new techniques, but I make sure to paint something every day.  Not out of necessity, but out of the enjoyment and peace it provides me. 


I have recently become a proud member of the International Guild of Realism and have works displayed at Meetinghouse Arts Gallery in Freeport, Maine.